To the God.

O God! Undo my past. My feet wedged in that marsh, I cannot move no more, Like a spooky night it comes, It clutches my back, Jolts me and retells me of, What I had done, What I had seen, It moves me from poise, Stability no more comes in me, And that obstinate moment, for I speak, Which makes me doomed and perished, Sighs of past and sins I commit, Things I have done with people, For them even God cannot forgive me, My belief says I am no more a human, I am a body of man with an evil soul, My fat is predestined to fatal results, For the things, I have done with anyone, For the mischiefs, for the devilish steps I had taken, I cannot apologize, I cannot bend the knee before them, because They are no more live, O God if u can, Wash my memory, undo my past For you are lord, do it, If, for then my belief bulges, I go into disbelief, I would rather say, O Lord do it, IF YOU CAN!!!!!! I am begrutten, I am jaded I can no more live with uproars I need an escape,

Stream of consciousness

If my words offend you, then so be it. Let's be truly a speed breaker for all the people who think they can make a change in the society. Let's be a jammer for their signals of change. Let's be a vivid picture for all the appearances. Let's be honest with ourselves, the honesty which pays you best. Unveil all the hypocrisies and superficial glittering. The world never wants people with multiple personalities. Let's track them down for once and , if possible, for all.                    The author of multiple books and a vast literature William Shakespeare said that "a change is good if it is a good change". Beholding his argument, if we look at the ongoing changes on the world and people, the mind of mine hangs around for a while. I can't see the obstructions they make while making the change. I can't wait to see the change maker see their fate. I can't wait to see them cursing all the wrong moves they have made in their past. I can't wait

The first drive

My obsession with the steering wheel has a long history. The younger me was a driver of hand made carts and wheels. The determination remained intact and the slightly older me was able to drive a motorcycle which was a different story to tell. The wounds, the mentorship and the apprenticeship were all worth talking. I was a quick learner so, I was able to drive a cycle in an hour which leaded me to drive a motorcycle later. Being a driver of motorcycle was a proud distinction for me. It paved my way towards being the red bull. When I saw my friends driving the cars and all those vehicles while those long drives, I wished the same for myself. The passion for being behind the steering wheel grew vehemently and then the day came when I tried driving the car of my uncle which was not a good idea to do alone. Still, I tried all the way alone which didn't end well with me. I was afraid and the opening of door of the car casted a spell on me. I was paralyzed and the inner of the car looke

In the beginning

I don't know if there are any other options in life to seek. I don't know if there is a way out of all this mess around me. I am jadded of my routine and want to be a bird than being a wretched human being. I want to fly in the skys in a way that no one will catch me. I want to be free. I want to be a fish in the sea. I want to swim deep down the oceans. I want to feel the world with my bare eyes. I want to be a flower, with a short life span and giving happiness and joys to the people around. I want my fragrance be felt in the world around me. What i want is a desire and it is my fantasy. I want to go out of me and watch myself walking on the ground from the top of that rocky cliff behind me. I want to feel my soul being someone else. I want nothing but a change of course and a gentle escape. I want, possibly, a break from all my work and business. What I want is hilarious and cannot be obtained on earth till the angel of death kisses my soul. It's the life, which I wa